10 Tips for Crafting the Perfect Social Media Posts

Social media posts can take many forms and should be designed in a way to reflect your strategy. The frequency of posts isn’t as important as the quality of your posts, to ensure that your time is being invested in the right kind of posts.

Here are 10 quick tips to help you in crafting better posts:

  • Include engaging images or videos in your posts
  • Distribute your posts to cover different time zones in your target countries
  • Recirculate old and effective posts with new approaches
  • Optimize the posts for each type of channel that you are using
  • Rewrite the posts for various target segments that you are reaching
  • Identify influencers and mention them in relevant posts
  • Be personal in your tone of messages
  • Do A/B testing for the same message to identify most effective style
  • Identify what’s trending and tag along with your messages or comments
  • Keep your audience engaged in the conversation by asking feedback and mentioning them

These are tips that could be applied regularly to your posts and by doing so, you can increase engagement with your audience and increase the return on your invested time.

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