4 Ways to Use Social Media for Customer Service and Support

Everyone including your users and customers is spending much more time on social media. So why not go to where these customers are instead of asking them to come to us. Provide them with customer service and support on social media itself.

Here are 4 ways social media is being used to improve customer service:

  • Tracking sentiment about products, services, or the brand in general. In a nutshell are customers positive or negative in their comments on what we are offering
  • Addressing negative issues quickly by spotting any bad experience that is posted and quickly addressing it. Even if not solved quickly the quick response is taken very positively by customers
  • Launch a poll to identify how well are you doing. Conducting a simple net promoter score poll can provide you with a wealth of insight and allows you to track your customer service improvements
  • Putting a human touch to business transactions. With more and more people interacting with your brand through online channels, social media provides you with an opportunity to connect with your clients on a personal level

The bottom line is that social media provides you with a great opportunity to monitor what your users are saying about your products and services and to quickly address issues that could come up. Make the most out of it to provide a better customer experience.

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