When & How Often should you Post on Social Media

With all the effort that goes into preparing your social media posts, you want to make sure that when you do post them, you will get the maximum number of views for those posts.

Here are some suggestions on the time and frequency of your posts per social media channel per day:

  • On Twitter you can be expected to post several tweets a day with some brands posting over 10 a day.
  • On Instagram it’s common to for brands to post 2-3 posts a day
  • The average number of posts on Facebook for brands is 1 post a day
  • LinkedIn posts are scarcer with an average of 1 post per working day

Keep in mind that you might need to post tweets again to cover different time zones if you are working globally. Given that people are continuously connected, posts get the best viewing in the evenings.

In the end, you would need to try, measure and adapt your posts to the time when you get the best interactions.

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