How to Organize Your Digital Marketing Department

Every company must design a marketing organization or department that can carry out its marketing strategies and plans. Here we are going to explore the various ways that Modern marketing departments can be arranged.

The most common type of structure is the functional organization. Under this structure, different digital marketing activities are headed by a specialist, for examples, as social media manager will be responsible for all social media activities and report to the marketing director. This functional marketing structure operates across all products and geographies.

Companies that sell across countries or internationally, often use geographic organization. Its marketing people are assigned to specific geographic markets, which allows them to settle into a territory, understand customers and work with minimal travel time and cost.

Companies with many different products or brands often create product management marketing structure. Using this strategy, a product marketing manager develops and implements a complete marketing strategy and program for a specific product or brand.

For companies that sell one product to many different types of markets and customers, a market, or customer management structure might be best. Marketers in market management structures are responsible for developing marketing strategies for specific markets or customers. VIP banking is an example of this.

Marketing organization has become an increasingly important issue in today’s business landscape. With many companies finding that the environment calls for less focus on products, brands and territories, and more focus towards customer engagement and management.

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