Top 5 Social Media Sites for your Business

Social Media is being used by billions of individuals around the world and there are hundreds of applications and sites.

The top 5 Social Media Sites include:

  1. Facebook: the largest network by far allows you to reach a very wide set of users that could be interesting for your business. It also has the most flexible and targeted advertising capabilities
  2. LinkedIn: the largest professional network is very useful if you are selling to businesses or are in the services business yourself
  3. Instagram: an efficient and easy way to promote images of your products or services. If you are into handmade or food items, it’s extremely effective
  4. Twitter: useful if you are providing thought leadership or news services. It requires more effort to get a loyal following but can be very influential when you do
  5. Pinterest: is also a great tool for businesses to promote products and services especially if you are targeting women buyers

There are many other social media networks that could be useful for a specific set of audience, such as Google+, Tumbler and many local language sites in countries around the world. Even if you are present on all these networks, as a small business, you would need to focus your efforts on the channels that can provide you with the best return on your time.

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